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Online Patronage Process System (OPPS)

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Online Patronage Process System (OPPS)
Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the Department of Education recording your parental preference with regard to patronage of a new school to be established in your school planning area, it is agreed that access to this website is governed by the terms and conditions set out below. These terms and conditions are important and are for the protection of both you and the Department. Please take the time to read them carefully. By proceeding further you will be deemed to have accepted them.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • This website is established in Ireland in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland and will be governed by the laws of that country. When you use the site, you accept that your use of the site and any information on the site, will also be governed by the laws of Ireland and if any dispute arises from your use of the site or any of the information on it, you agree to allow such dispute to be heard in the Irish courts.
  • The Department seeks to ensure that personal data held is accurate complete and up to date. Every individual has a right to have any inaccurate data rectified or erased. Failure to provide accurate information may result in parental patronage preference being deemed invalid.
  • The DES, subject to existing contractual agreements with third party contractors, retains all rights (including but not limited to, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and any other intellectual property rights) in all information contained on or submitted to this website.
  • Records of all personal information are stored in centralised databases in the Department’s data centres. All storage facilities are located in Ireland. The Department of Education take appropriate security measures against unauthorised access to, or alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data and against their accidental loss or destruction. Data Processing and Data Sharing agreements entered into between the Department and the agencies / bodies with whom it exchanges data take account of the security measure requirements necessary to protect the data.
  • "" may only be used by employees of the DES, customers, agents acting on behalf of DES or such third parties as empowered by DES solely for the purpose of transacting business with DES.
  • DES reserves the right to make changes to the information, design and services provided in the without notice and without liability. Every effort will be made to advise customers of changes in advance.
  • DES reserves the right to add, amend or vary the terms of this agreement by publishing notice of such changes on and the continued use of the service will signify your acceptance of the changes.
  • DES is providing a service on which facilitates the transfer of data, including the PPSN, to DES on behalf of the parent/guardian
  • The parent/guardian will, at their own expense, provide and maintain facilities suitable for gaining access to our services (as communicated by to the parent/guardian from time to time).